Steps of Installing ASP.NET MVC

1) Click on start Menu

2)Click on Control Panel

3)Click on Programs and features

4)Click on Name Column

5)In step (4)there are all programs available which are installed in your computer

6)Again click on start menu

7)click on Visual Studio

8)Click on file

9)Click on new project

10)Click on web

11)Click on ASP.NET MVC4 Web Application

12)Then see on the top there is a drop down list and select .NET Framework 3.5

13)In bottom there are so many types of Application types among them select

Asp.Net AJAX server control

14)If you want ASP.Net MVC2 empty web then in drop down list select .Net Framework4

Notes:1)When you create a new project make sure you have .Net Framework4 selected in the drop down list.

2)If you have any other earlier .Net Framework version selected,the ASP.NET MVC3 web Application and ASP.NET MVC4                       application templates will not be availabe.


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