Creating your first MVC application

Steps for it:

1)Click on file in visual studio.

2)Click on new and then click on project and give whatever name you want.

3)Then click ok and after that select on empty and then select Rajor.

4)Then create a new web form.

5)Click on file and then select New and select Project and give name whatever you want.

6)Click on controller.

7)Then give name to controller is HomeController.

8)And click on ok.

9)In that write the code like below

Public class HomeController:Controller


public string Index()


return “Hello from MVC application”;




and then run the program for that click F5.

Note:At this time it will not show our application in IIS since we have not deployed it.

After that create the web form and then write the code in code behind.

10)Click on start menu. 

and then in Run write inetmgr.

11)Click on properties and select web in that select local host server.

and then click on create virtual directory.

12)Now We can see our application in IIS.
















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